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Services we provide

Indoor Digital Advertising Display Solutions

Our Indoor Digital Billboard service provides a professional platform for businesses to advertise their products or services in a high-traffic indoor location.


Professional Website Development Services

Our website development service creates custom, professional websites tailored to your brand and business needs.

Technology Strategy Consulting and Support

Our IT consultancy and support service offers expert advice and assistance to help your business optimize its technology infrastructure and operations.

Professional Security Camera Installation Services

Our security camera service provides 24/7 surveillance and monitoring of your property, ensuring the safety and security of your home or business.

Atlas Container

Add-Tech Solutions helped Atlas Container Corporation increase their online visibility and improve their lead generation, resulting in a 25% increase in new clients.

Case study #1

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Sebseb Restaurant

Add-Tech Solutions helped a local restaurant improve their online presence and develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, resulting in a 50% increase in website traffic and a significant boost in client inquiries.

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